Branching Out and Changing Directions

Don’t let the title fool into thinking SWAM is expanding or changing directions. A little foreshadowing? Well..not yet. This is just an article on a pair of individuals with a common direction and a motivation to change.

In my business, I meet a lot of diverse people. On the more professional level, I also meet many passionate oenophiles but not quite like this duo. Meet Patrick Okubo and Elton Nichols, who I first met through an informal industry wine tasting.  At that time all I knew that they were two hard-core wine enthusiasts who loved to study about wine. Because of all that studying, they achieved certifications at a level that very few pass and will continue on to one day become Master Sommeliers. Today, they are advance sommeliers with an ease of explaining the intricacies of wine speak. Just listen to their radio show on Saturdays at 11 am on Honolulu’s Money Radio AM760, A Perfect Sip. They are not just a pair of wine geeks who talk on the radio. They are perfecting their wit and knowledge to be the next generation of Gary Vaynerchuk’s, The Wine Library, the most successful video blog about wine. With the success of their own show, Patrick and Elton are branching out into the direction of phone apps, twitter updates, iTunes and YouTube downloads and of course…blogs. I know their genuine love for wine and spirits have not made them into snobs but rather the Perfect Spokesmen.

Meet Russel Kealoha and Bully O’Sullivan of the Two Beer Queers, who all ready achieved success through their video podcast. From the short time that I’ve known them, I’ve witnessed their popularity sky rocket. I first met Russel and Bully on a Two Beer Queer beer run to SWAM. I had no idea that they were involved in a video podcast about beer. They were very low-key and didn’t clue me in until 13 episodes later. Using their techno-know-how, the Two Beer Queers paved their way into the social media limelight by creating their own iPhone app, interviewing the hot shots in the beer-world, and making public appearances with newsmakers and party people. Keep in mind this is just a hobby to them. The Two Beer Queers produced over 5o episodes and still going, but now are moving into other avenues of point of view. Just read Russel’s blog Awesome Online Money Making Blog. Changing gears have opened up the duo to experience more than just reviewing beer (belch) and I like where they’re going.

Both dynamic duos have influenced a direction in my business.  Watching their growth and accomplishments can only be worth following.

Category : Blog Posted on June 21, 2011

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  1. neenz
    8 years ago

    Looking forward to viewing the SWAM Bam Show! 🙂

  2. iBlala
    8 years ago

    Aww thanks Jill! You the bestest!

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