Buzz Word: Gluten Free Alcohol

Gluten Free products are filling the market in many areas especially in liquor.   I truly sympathize with people who are allergic to gluten because I am a glutton for gluten especially in alcohol.  Gluten is a type of protein commonly found in rye, wheat, and barley.  But after some research,  I’ve learned that people who suffer from celiac disease do not need to worry about distilled spirits because the gluten is removed in the distillation process.  So why all the marketing for Gluten Free?

To be Gluten Free means to have a dedicated distillery or brewery that would prevent cross-contamination from a distilled product with gluten material.   Also the final product will not have added gluten additives like barley malt for coloring or flavor.   To assume that all distilled spirits are safe to consume by celiac patients is not advisable.

A couple vodkas recently added to the gluten free brand names Tito’s Vodka and Krome Vodka

Category : Blog Posted on September 28, 2011

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