Buzz Word: Prohibition Era Spirits and Cocktails

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1. The Prohibition Era

The Europeans have the Renaissance and the Americans have Prohibition, an era of severe regulation and controversy, a topic that can be debated for another time.  Prohibition was a necessary unnecessary, as a woman I should be grateful or there would be no SWAM.   Prohibition was a benchmark in time targeting one issue, the world of alcohol.

Today marketing “Prohibition” or “Pre-Prohibition” on labels is becoming a hot selling brand to a generation who never experienced a wide scaled intolerance.  It  suggests a time where distillers went ‘underground’ and produced ‘small batch’ products like whiskey, gin, and rum.   Some have survived the drought and have become very prominent more so in the Bourbon business.  However, it’s the next generation of distillers that are changing the perspective on how spirits are distilled, barreled, and aged.  The new generation distilleries are reviving species of grain and plants that where on the brink of extinction but commonly used during pre-prohibition.   Also, craft distilleries are barreling in smaller casks and turning out younger distillates with a lot of intense flavors and higher alcohol proof.  Pre-prohibition recipes are being reproduced in small high quality batches but come with a hefty price tag.  Nonetheless, the timeless era of Prohibition is evolving into a modern day demand.

Mixologists are recreating recipes from the Pre-Prohibition timeline while drawing in a new generation to appreciate a crafted cocktail.  It’s cool to be classic.

Check out our demonstration of Classic Bourbon Cocktails from SWAM’s PREP!

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