Donation Requests That Make Me MADD

Every other week, SWAM gets solicited for a donation.  SWAM is philanthropic to a certain extent. We are conscientious about who we donate to and committed to support year after year.   However, we have trouble donating to organizations that have a conflict of interest.  These organizations are admirable without a doubt, however a mass fundraising mail out without consideration about who you are soliciting to has some degree of arrogance.  SWAM recently received a request for donation letter by MADD.   I felt annoyed that this Special Interest Group would ask my small and struggling business for a donation.  You may say, how dare SWAM not support a worthwhile cause like MADD. Shame on SWAM.  Really? Look at it from a liquor business point of view.  This argument is not about drunk driving and health issues, it’s about taxes.  We may be a ‘young’ business to ‘old boy’ network of names printed on the left side of the  MADD letterhead, but we are not eager to contribute to an organization that wants to make it harder for SWAM to stay in business.  Remember, we retail in fine wine, spirits, beer, cigars, and accessories associated with them.  We don’t sell groceries, paper goods, or pharmaceuticals to offset the cost.  MADD supported the proposed Liquor Tax increase  SB1289 (Scroll down and you’ll see their letter.  Scroll more and you’ll see SWAM’s petition for Opposition).  If taxes need to be raised then everyone should pay them not just the few.

Another solicitation came from a liquor distributor asking SWAM to be the ‘sponsoring retailer’  for the American Cancer Society’s fundraising event and tried to influence me that their purchase would give my business a needed boost.  We declined the offer stating the same reason, taxes.  SWAM is proactive in our opposition towards raising taxes regarding liquor and tobacco.  We write letters to our representatives, testify at hearings, and join organizations like Cigar Rights of America.  We don’t want our effort to be in vain because we need the money.

Nonetheless, SWAM and MADD agree that drinking alcohol then driving and underage drinking are unlawful, dangerous, and preventive.  Also, we do support the fight against cancer and other illnesses.  Everyone knows someone who is fighting or lost their battle with cancer. No one is immune to health issues. We all have something worth fighting for.  We all need support from the private industry, but it could help to have someone edit the donor solicitation list before mailing out the letters.

Category : Blog Posted on August 21, 2011

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