Don’t Stress Over the Yakudoshi, SWAM is Here to Help

“Yakudoshi means the years of calamity. This is a Japanese belief that people at the ages of yakudoshi are likely to experience misfortunes or illness. It is generally believed that men’s yakudoshi are the ages 25, 42 and 61, and for women 19, 33 and 37, though there are local and historical variations. One’s yakudoshi is measured by adding one to the actual age.”

Yakudoshi especially for males who turn 41 years old is a big deal in Hawaii.  Large parties with family and friends are expected.  Unfortunately the females don’t receive such a large celebration.   Auspicious decorations symbolizing long life, strength, and prosperity are a necessary part of the celebration.  It’s what differentiates a Yakudoshi birthday from other birthdays.  Folded red cranes and bamboo represent the more traditional symbols.

A formal Yakudoshi requires folding and stringing one thousand red cranes.  The menu would include red mochi and Tai (red fish) and the birthday male would wear a red silk robe.

Yakudoshi is a Japanese tradition that evolved to something more local.  The people of Hawaii truly embraces cultural traditions that everyone is welcomed to celebrate as their own.  At SWAM, we take the stress out of creating, finding ,and putting together Yakudoshi centerpieces and favors.  All are one of kind.  Pictured above is a one of kind main table centerpiece.  

Category : Blog Posted on August 31, 2011

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