Expressing Gratitude with Libations

Gift BagsIn Hawaii, the act of expressing gratitude by reciprocating with gifts is genuinely a way of life. From a business thank you to a personal note or just because, expressing gratitude is just as important as the reason for the reciprocation. Giving a gift of alcohol from a teetotaler is very common in my business. I can appreciate a customer who goes out their comfort level to make the recepient happy. Just that gesture of gratitude reveals a lot about the gift giver. I’ll notice that the buyer is emphathic, conscientious, and concerned. It’s my job to help the buyer make a good decision that will make a lasting impression. Liquor is not for everyone but for those who enjoy it may have their own reservations about what is desirable to drink. When buying liquor for a gift, keep these helpful tips in mind to eliminate the anxiety.

  • Be observant, listen, and recall some key words like Merlot, Scotch, Margarita, etc.   This is helpful to narrow down the options in the style of liquor.
  • The level of the relationship with the recipient and the importance of the gift, this usually determines the budget.
  • The recipient’s level of knowlegde about their favorite drink, this also helps narrow down the options of brand choices.

I still believe that expressing gratitude does not come with strings attached, if only government felt that way as well. Now why would I say that?? It must be an election year…

Category : Blog Posted on May 27, 2014

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