Black Iguana Frozen Rita

Black Iguana in box and indiviual wrapped

Oh do I love alcohol in a pouch because I’m a sucker for packaging. When I first saw Black Iguana, immediately I had to try it.  My mom and part time tasting partner, agreed. We froze one pouch for about two hours.  The pouch does not completely freeze because of the alcohol, so it was served slushy.  First we tried sipping through the green straw provided. Oh!  Brain FREEZE!  Not a good idea.  Also not much slush came through sucking from the straw.  So mom decided to just cut open the pouch and drink it from a glass.  Much better! This is a ‘dangerous’ rita,  candied lime flavor without a bitter aftertaste.  It would have been too easy to drink if I didn’t suffer from that brain freeze.  Seriously, one individual could consume the entire box which contains four pouches.  This is definitely marketed to the female consumer. I envision this frozen rita to be consumed by the pool side, at the park, and definitely right after cleaning the house.  Very refreshing, light on the alcohol, and managable individual portions.

Black Iguana is pre-mixed with 100% Blue Agave wine from Mexico but is packaged in Texas.  What is Agave Wine?  ‘Agave wine’ is produced from the fermentation of agave sap and much lower in alcohol.  ‘Tequila’ is the distillation of the same material but resulting in a much higher proof.

One box contains 4 pouches and 4 straws, 1 pouch = 187 ml , 8% alcohol by volume, price under $20/box

more info check out

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  1. Haylee
    8 years ago

    So, I just came across this article through my alerts. I follow these 3 entrepenuers on twitter (margoritas) who invented a similar product, which is twice the size and half the cost. The pouches are 12.7 ounces, all natural, and retail for $7.99 a fourpack! I am an entrepenuer myself and love supporting other entrepenuers. Check them out at

    It is three guys all under the age of 30!

    • swamwine
      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the link. I hope they approached a distributor to market their product in Hawaii. Because once it’s gets represented in Hawaii, it certainly will be on my shelf in my store. Cheers!

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