Picnic at the Plaza: A Youthful Point of View

by Kodie Watada
11 years old

“The annual stew cook off today was very fun. I felt very happy and excited. I felt this way because this was my first time to the annual stew cook off and to be there to help out and support a good cause. Something that could be done better is that everyone should get a little sample of stew instead of waiting for left overs. My favorite part was going to Toys R US booth and getting the Bop It toy. My least favorite part was when the changing room tent was falling down cause of the wind. So everyone had to hold the tent. So that is my experience at the annual stew cook off.”

Being there at the event, I know exactly what Kodie is talking about. She begins where the entrance of the event starts with the Stew Cook Off, walks through the main tent playing the games and visiting booths, and then notices the dressing room debacle at the exit of the event.  As adults when writing a blog, we tend to want to edit what we write.  But through the voice of an eleven year old, it flows like free writing.  I wish more of our youth will take up the pen and paper, speak up, and say something.

Category : Blog Posted on May 1, 2013

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