Shop Local + Civic Engagement = Local Business Sustainability

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who took the time and submitted their Support for SB188 (Senate Bill 188).  To our delight, SB188 moved on from the Senate and now we are waiting for the House to approve.  Civic Engagement is an important right that many  do not take time or opportunity to make our voices heard. I agree that we are just too tired and overworked to read and understand Senate/House Bills. We voted them into office so let them do their job, but just voting for a candidate  is not enough. When the Senate and Legislature convene to make laws, it is our civic duty to watch what is being proposed. With social media spreading the word about impending legislation, we have witnessed a widespread support or opposition for certain bills of interest. The public’s involvement in our local government is just as important as shopping local. When we shop local, our local business will pay taxes to our own state. Our state programs benefit from our local businesses. When our own government chooses to take the ‘easy’ route to generate revenue, it creates strain on local businesses to compete. Take the time and get involved because we want to stay in the game.

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Category : Blog Posted on March 1, 2013

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