Soul Ownership

Daruma-New ChapterWhen I decided I wanted to become a business owner, I didn’t even know what business I wanted to own.  Tea shop?  Florist?  Restaurant?  Bar? When I sat down to write my business plan, I needed a business that I could manage by myself and enjoy going to work everyday.  Just so happened that my boyfriend/recruited business partner sold liquor for a living, and I knew I could learn more about it.  Could it be that easy? In the beginning there was a lot speculation about my partner’s job as a salesman for the largest liquor distributor on the island and his ownership in SWAM.  It was stressful  to be accepted in the industry knowing your vendors were questioning the conflict of interest.  Now, no one gives a shit about what you own and who you work for.  It’s “good business.”  From the beginning, SWAM grew more rapidly than what I wanted. More shelves meant more stuff to stock. And I preferred that each item had a single facing. The perception of a full, well stocked store with a range of variety meant the business was healthy. Pulling back the reins or charging full speed were difficult to compromise. Being in a reletionship with your business partner was like oil and water.  The stress began to take over and manifested in ways that changed me.  I was unhealthy, depressed, and anxious.  As the relationship deteriorated, the business thrived.  There are tons of advice on how to start a business but not much on how to end your partnership with grace and dignity.  It’s taken about two years to dissolve the partnership and to forge through on my own seamlessly.  It’s been a long arduous journey to enjoy learning more about the business, get healthy, and rediscover my passions again.  I am grateful for the friends I made through the business and the friends who are family to me.  Most of all,  I am grateful for my mother who helped me in many ways.  I never thought that becoming a business owner would change my life forever.

Category : Blog Posted on October 2, 2014

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