SWAM Experiment: ‘I Look Like a Boy’ aka #私は男の子のように見ます

I Look Like a Boy
It all began with a hair cut.  A simple change in style started an experiment with social media and in androgenic transference.  My good friend,  Brenton Sugibayashi,  forwarded a NHK clip posting about young females in Japan role playing as boys.   The idea and their behavior really piqued my curiosity on gender advocacy.   Apparently the acceptance of role playing as boys have exploded into iconic proportions not just in Japan but worldwide.  The androgynous street style crossed over into the world of menswear models, boy bands, and social media.  The hosts of NHK promoted the #私は男の子のように見ます (I look like a boy hashtag) to increase viewership and publicity in the social media circles.

Taking into consideration, I now kind of looked like a boy. I wanted to take this ‘challenge’ and witness for myself if the same audience would embrace my androgenic transference. However, instead of just doing a self promotion of Jill Shiroma, I wanted to include my habits. I wanted to sell the idea and my behavior that I can hang out with the boys, drink and smoke like the boys. To my disappointment, the experiment did not generate the hundreds of fans to ‘like’ my photo or comment on it. Perhaps I could not fool the Boy Culture or I’m too old. Nevertheless, the experiment did create conversation at the shop and added a little more peculiarity to my persona.

Category : Blog Posted on February 1, 2014

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