SWAM for a Cause: Talk About Curing Autism

Why we do support TACA: Talk About Curing Autism?  Do we have autism in our family?  To our knowledge, no.  Then why are we so passionate about supporting TACA?  Why does SWAM want to Talk About Curing Autism?   TACA is a family oriented organization.  What do I know about parenting?  More so, what do I know about being a parent with a special needs child?  SWAM is a liquor store; so, how does supporting TACA relate or even benefit the business?   It’s a simple answer.  We support TACA with all our heart because we want to.  Plain and clear.  There are no money angles and no social ladder climbing.   We don’t have a story that people want to hear.  We believe in the TACA mission, we empathize with the TACA families and we know they are underfunded.

What I have learned about autism and TACA since working with Debbie Zimmerman.

TACA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, resources, education and support to families affected by autism.  Autism is a devastating neurological and biological disorder that affects children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years of age.  It is characterized by challenges in five key areas:

·         Communication

·         Social skills

·         Behavior

·         Learning

·         Medical Issues

Currently autism affects 1 in every 91 children today, and 1 in every 58 boys.  It is an epidemic.

TACA believes in early diagnosis, intensive therapies and medical intervention for children affected by autism. With early intervention, medical treatment unique to each person’s needs, and necessary support services for families many children can improve greatly and some can recover from their autistic symptoms. We believe the future is not defined for many children affected by autism.  Hope and recovery is possible.

Most Common Misconception About Autism:

The common misconception with autism is that all autistics are like the actor Dustin Hoffman in his portrayal in the movie Rain Man. His character possessed an amazing mathematical skill of adding enormous amounts of objects or counting cards in a deck. This example is a Hollywood portrayal and is not the case with all individuals affected by autism. His performance is to be applauded, but it was only that: a performance, and should not be considered as an example of autism today.

Please read this article…
Growing Old with Autism, Time Magazine Article

Take the first step to understand autism and you’ll understand why we just want to help.

Category : Blog Posted on October 25, 2011

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  1. Charlotte74
    7 years ago

    My dad does a lot of group teaching with parents of autistic kids to better help them understand and cop with the difficulties that having a child with autism presents. He finds it very rewarding work.

  2. tessmac
    7 years ago

    Autism is not a sin for me, Its a challenge that makes one’s life more better.

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