The Crown Royal XR Bullsh*t: A Small Business Giving in to the Hype

Once again SWAM is disappointed with Crown XR.  The ‘extremely limited,’ ‘ ‘rarest whiskey,’ and ‘numbered’ are all bullet points in the press releases about Crown Royal XR.  Since 2006, that’s the sales pitch we’ve been echoing and promoting that Crown XR will run out soon.  It’s 2012, how limited is a bottle supposed to be after 6 years on the market?

When Crown XR was first released SWAM was selling a bottle for $215, give or take.   We sold a lot of bottles at that price.  Suddenly the bigger retailers started to sell the XR and undercut us by $100, give or take.   We wanted to know how can they sell Crown XR at that price?  As a matter of fact, corporate giant Diageo, owner of Crown Royal, decided to discount the cost of Crown XR because it ‘was not moving fast enough.’   When SWAM bought in to the price of Crown XR, it was at top dollar.   Then Diageo discounted the bottles and we were stuck with an overpriced XR.  We were so upset and disgusted when the words ‘CROWN XR’ were uttered.   We had  no choice but to pull Crown XR off the shelf until the discounted price at other retailers were sold out.

By late 2011, the word was out that Crown XR was not coming back to Hawaii.  The word spread like wildfire.  We were getting calls every week about the Crown XR.  All we can say was if you can find it, buy it.   We probably contributed to the hype to hunt.  Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, Crown XR has made it’s way back to Hawaii.   Do we look stupid?  Are we just salesmen making a sale?  Honestly, we are all of the above.   My sincerest apologies if we lead you to believe the hype.  We cannot help to be passionate about we do.  Our advice is to listen with caution and do the research aside from  going to all retailers and bars in the area and asking the same question.   In retrospect, my mom advised me not to give in the hype and who is the wiser?

Category : Blog Posted on March 22, 2012

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