The Retractable Awning Debate

Real customers with real suggestions on a rainy evening, afterhours at SWAM… 

First of all,  the bright idea of an awning in front of the store to relieve them of the plight of rain drops melting their sugar-coated bodies prompted a suggestion to install one.  This had to be one the most ludicrious building improvement ideas I could ever propose to my landlord.  But to no escape, the suggestion became a topic of exterior renovation and to the point of funding the endeavor.

No matter how much the loyal regulars want to help me, I just need to look them in eye and say “Are you ____ kidding me??”  Yes, I can honestly be that frank.  Seriously, a retractable awning? I love the benches, though.

When SHOP*MINGLE*CHILL figured in to be the mantra of store, I never expected ‘chilling’ at SWAM would be a regular past time.  Always appreciative for the company regardless of rain or shine, but you can lay that awning argument to rest.  It’s in the round file.

P.S. To Bully and Russell (aka Two Beer Queers)…You’re still not getting the awning in front of the store!

BullyOSullivan Bully O’Sullivan

narrowly missed a hydroplaning truck on h1 & nearly sliced off my fingers washing dishes — all b/c @swamwine doesn’t want an awning
iBlala Russel Kealoha

A dingo almost took my baby, someone tried to eat my musubi, & a bird pooped on my car… all cause @swamwine didnt have an awning…

Category : Blog Posted on May 6, 2011

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  1. dp
    8 years ago

    The awning serves a dual purpose: keeping the sun off your wine and the rain off our backs…

  2. dp
    8 years ago

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