The Spirit of the Pacific Northwest


There is no better time than now to discover the diversity of the American Whiskey.  From the Trail to the Guilds, American Whiskey is pouring out a tasty niche for themselves.  For the many upcoming distilleries, capitalizing on the trend means to be innovative.  Corn has become a very expensive commodity, so new grain alternatives like oat, quinoa, and spelt are used to tap into an increasing market.  Micro barreling have accelerated the aging process to where the inventory does not need to be held for nine years in a warehouse.  New make, white dog, and moonshines are accepted that whiskey does not need to be aged.  The diversity of brands have spawned into menagerie of must-haves in one’s collection.  The clamor to try something new has driven the industry to be more experimental, knowledgeable, and limited.

It was a great pleasure to finally have a working vacation with friends.  Our itinerary included more tourist attractions but in between we were able to fulfill my thirst for the spirits.   No wine? Sorry cork dorks, that’s next month. My journey starts with the Pacific Northwest and one day I’ll end up on the Eastern Shores. Here are some notable distilleries to look for and no, I did not try all of them.

Bull Run Distillery: available in Hawaii. Added bonus is around the corner is Southland Whiskey Kitchen, boasting over 170 whiskies on their menu, primarily American.
Clear Creek Distillery: available in Hawaii. Just met Stephen McCarthy, the mastermind behind Clear Creek and gave me great insight on their production. A huge supporter of keeping their suppliers Oregon based.
Crater Lake Vodka: available in Hawaii
Rogue Spirits: available in Hawaii
Ransom Distillery: please come to Hawaii!!
Edgefield & CPR Distillery: part of the McMenamins family of historic hotels, brewpubs, and movie theaters
Stone Barn Brandy Works
Eastside Distillery

Project V Distillery :  This is a must visit if you’re in Woodinville. The distiller is female, BONUS. Project V is so charming, artsy, and friendly.
Woodinville Whiskey Co. Expanding their tasting room and distillery
Dry Fly Distillery
SODO Spirits for Shochu fans.
Bainbridge Organic Distillers
OOLA Distillery
Heritage Distilling Company

To do and Go to
Bite of Oregon  Oregon’s Largest Culinary Event
Breweries represented were Fort George, 10 Barrel, Gilgamesh, Ninkasi, Oakshire, Laurelwood, Cascade, Hop Valley, Hop Works, Lompoc, Seven Brides, Rogue, Deschutes, and Widmer. Well represented.

Portland State University Farmers Market   Fresh produce, breads, wine tasting

Skidmore Saturday Market  Unique handcrafted gift items

Stroll down 23rd Avenue in Portland Trendy and boutique shops and eateries

Space Needle and Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum Beautiful and Inspirational

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