Tide Pool Zen Management

Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste. -Benjamin Franklin

With all my talk about my happiness and zen-filled attitude, the one important decision that mattered resulted in a very stupid mistake. My business is all about vice not including prostitution and illicit drugs; nevertheless, alcohol and tobacco are prime targets for taxation and law enforcement. To be in this business requires observation and patience much like tide pool watching. Being still not to disturb will result in a lot of clarity. In the tide pool, there is a community of life surviving to exist in a micro environment. Only the adaptable will survive. A boutique liquor store in Hawaii is much like competing in a tide pool. There are a lot of niches being carved and heavily protected, observing each other’s movement, and basically co-existing. When the clarity is disrupted with a bit of chaos, hasty decisions are made and mistakes occur. Patience is truly a virtue that we should strive to achieve everyday whether it be in traffic, waiting for the cigar smoke to clear, or just standing in line. I can make excuses for the mistakes I made, but in the end the right thing to do is accept the fault, patiently move forward, and adapt to make it better.

Category : Blog Posted on March 21, 2014

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