Hidden Treasures

Once in a while we have customers with some amazing stories.  One story just seemed too incredible to be true.  Imagine buying your first home, your dream home in a more older established community.  Then get your buddies to help you move in and store your stuff.  Upon investigating the house’s storage possibilities, they come across a ‘secret’ closet.  No one knew about it, not even the previous owner’s family nor the realtor who sold them the house.  What they discover in this pitch dark and narrow closet was treasure.  As he tells me the story he pulls out his wine bag, a Chateau Latour 1964 and Chateau Petrus 1966, and asked if they were any good.  My jaw dropped.  Treasure indeed!  He said that there are cases of wines from different vintages and wineries but mostly in dating back in the 60’s.  Then he asked what shall they do with the wine.  I emphatically said to drink it!  What an experience to taste wines like these.  Once in a lifetime opportunity, especially if you are not an avid wine collector. 

 After the weekend passed, he came back with a sample for us to try.  Wow, how thoughtful and totally unexpected!!  He said they had a great time opening up some of the bottles and sampling wines that were tucked away and forgotten 40 years ago.  He brought by the Petrus 1966.  The wine looked muddy and had a very distinctive aroma of something I can’t even describe but was not offensive.  The flavor was still strong with leather and earth tones.  In my opinion, the wine was very good considering the questionable storage situation.  This was a great example of wine aging from producers who know their wines will hold over the years.

Previous to this incredible hidden treasure story, I encountered another rare discovery from a customer.  We were only two years into our business when a customer dropped by the store and handed me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red, a gift.   I took one look at the bottle and just knew I could not accept it.  It looked very old and possibly very valuable.  I said I would love to display the bottle.  Two years later and visits from 3 different Masters of Whisky, each commenting on how rare and special the bottle was.  One of them recommended the bottle should not even be displayed.  I spoke with the owner of the bottle asked if he wanted it back.  He graciously declined and proposed that we try to sell it.  We both felt an uneasiness about selling his father-in-law’s bottle, so we decided to donate the bottle back to the Johnnie Walker’s Archives, which they were excited to receive.  We felt it was the right thing to do.  He and his wife will be recognized by Johnnie Walker by assigning an Accession number on their behalf.   One day we’ll take a holiday and visit the bottle in Scotland.

 1937 Johnnie Walker Red.  In 1937, ‘The Walking Man’ is introduced on the label.  Notice he’s walking in the opposite direction of the current Walking Man logo. 

I must say I have amazing customers.  No wonder why I love to come to work everyday.


Pomerol 1966

(from Wine Spectator)

Score: 93

Release Price: $NA

Current Auction Price: $1,815

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux

Issue: Feb 15, 1991

Extremely decadent and rich, with masses of thick, earthy chocolate flavors. Very rich yet balanced. Much rounder than most 1966s.–Pétrus vertical. Drink now. –JS

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  1. NEENZ
    8 years ago

    What a great story! I’ll tell you mine one day involving Oly beer! 🙂

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