Westvelteren Headache

It began with excitement that the number one beer in the world was coming to the US market but more importantly to Hawaii. The announcement made the beer community in Hawaii anxious for its arrival and thirsty to try this highly coveted beer. Then came the ‘rules and restrictions’ and lack of communication. There’s no proof where the line of communication fell through the cracks but somewhere the stipulation regarding the ‘not-for-profit’ beer was not communicated clearly from the beginning. I may be the only retailer humming and hawing because I’m having a I’m-Just-Saying moment.

I definitely can agree to releasing the beer for sale on December 12 and refrain from mentioning the beer on the social media channels. I can agree to an allocation of two cases and selling them in only in six packs which I would have 8 six packs to sell. I can agree to sell the beer at a set price. However, I could not agree to selling the beer at cost because the Abbey does not want retailers making a profit on their beer. All sale will help restore the Abbey’s aging roof. Okay, the Abbey is requesting retailers to support their project to rebuild their roof by selling their number one beer in the world and no one don’t gets a dime for the overhead cost or even a tax write off? Clearly, I missed that memo about creative ways to fund raise.

Category : Blog Posted on December 29, 2012

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