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Am I the only one not getting on board about writing wine reviews?  In my business, I write just about everything else but WINE.  What’s wrong with this picture?   I love wine and I love to sell wine.  However, there is a style of writing a wine review that I have not quite expanded my vocabulary to contribute writing a blog.  My notes from an industry wine tasting reads with redundancy and a lack of creative descriptors. This is from my notes..

Artazuri Garnacha
-Juan Carlos Lopez, Winemaker
-Stainless and old oak
-nice, spicy nose
-lots of body
-91 pts. Robert Parker

Now read the winemaker’s notes regarding the same wine…

100% up to 80 year old vine Garnacha.” The Artazu project was created by the legendary winegrower Juan Carlos Lopez de la Calle of Rioja’s famous Artadi estate. The goal was to take the same quest for varietal purity that Juan seeks in Tempranillo to the Garnacha varietal.” The small village of Artazu in the northernmost zone of Navarra was chosen for its extraordinary old vines of Garnacha producing wines of dark, peppery fruit with amazing balance and soft tannins.

This Thursday, September 15, we are sampling Kosher wines.  Something I want to write about since it’s different.  If you have and opportunity on Thursday evening from 5-8pm, come down and help me write my first wine blog.

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