Your Unforgettable Wine

This is not a blog about customers who believe shop owners are mind readers.  But since it’s been brought forth, I’ ll tread lightly.  We often forget that we have technology at our convenience.  We really don’t need to rely on paper and pen or even more our memory. We have smartphones and we have scrap booking.

I enjoy the rapport when a customer will ask for help about a wine they enjoyed.  Some will come prepared with a name and vintage scribbled on a piece of paper. Others will describe the label with photographic detail, but there are a few who will assume I will know exactly what they are talking about by simply saying that ‘it was red’ or the ‘label was white.’  Ask the right questions and eventually their memory will be jogged.

Here’s a tip, take a picture of the wine label and the menu of the establishment that way we’ll know if you dined on island.  If  you’re at a friend’s house,  take a picture with your host holding the bottle at least you’ll know where the party was held.  Pictures on a smartphone are the best form of memory recollection at our fingertips.

Another tip for those who just have to have that  same vintage ten years past, may have a difficult time finding the same wine with the same vintage.  Being stuck on a wine and its vintage because it was the best wine you ever experienced should be cherished as that, a moment in time.  Avoid the search and make more unforgettable wine memories.

Category : Blog Posted on February 1, 2013

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