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National Garlic Day: A Night to Eat, Drink, & Stink


Our friends over at EAT Honolulu, Chef David and Jocelyn, have gone all out with one of the most innovative garlic inspired menu.   Garlic lovers don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the bulb in culinary bliss.  For reservations and payment, please contact SWAM at or call 487-7926

Date:  Thursday, April 19
Time: 6:00 pm onward
Place: EAT Honolulu in the Gentry Pacific Design Center
Cost: $75 inclusive per person/ additional $25 per person for the wine pairing

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Hedges Family Estate Wine Pairing Dinner at EAT Honolulu

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March is Just Us Girls Month

March is a special month for women.   March 3 celebrates Girl’s Day, traditionally reserved for children.  Today,  Girl’s Day has grown up to include all women.  March 8 is International Women’s Day and recognizes women across the world.   In our March Newsletter, we asked the ladies to send us photos of their ‘Just Us Girls’ moments.  Here are the lucky winners. Initially,  it was 5 winners but we included one more just because…

Submitted by Traci

submitted by Pam

submitted by Shari

submitted by Tracy

submitted by Chassidy

also submitted by Chassidy..."Slippers in 50 degree weather! Yeah!"



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2011 Party at the Plaza BIG MAHALO!!

Mahalo to All who Made the 2011 Party at the Plaza a SUCCESS!!

Aiea Bowl
LD & ADHD Center
Loveland Academy
Central Pacific Bank
Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and SPA
First Massage Service for Children
Speech Solutions
ABC Group
Clear Hearing Center
Kathryn Taketa, ND, Autism Research
Glenn Kaya and Alex Bueno of Waimalu Plaza
Rotary Club of Pearlridge
Charis Peich

Roy Sakuma, Sakuma Ukulele Studio
Hawaiian Contemporary Music by Kakio

Office Depot, Waimalu Plaza
Starbucks Coffee, Waimalu Plaza
Jamba Juice, Waimalu Plaza
Safeway, Waimalu Plaza
Paesano Restaurant, Waimalu Plaza
State Farm Insurance, Waimalu Plaza
Golden Lion Chinese Restaurant, Waimalu Plaza
Honolulu Police Dept., Pearl City

Carolyn Tokunaga/ Safilo USA
Michael Horton Photography
Roxy & QuikSilver / A&A Optical
Dena Ann Robles /Tura Optical
Vera Bradley & XOXO/ McGee Optical Grp
Kettle Corn Hawaii
Eric Fujimoto, Ameriprise Financial
Waimalu Elementary School

Johnson Bros
Coastal Wine and Spirits

Ryan Kuroiwa, Kuro Builders
Hinode Rice
Y Hata
LP Neenz Faleafine, Oceanit
Ed Morita, Nonstop Honolulu
Mahealani Richardson, KITV News
Jocelyn Passanisi, EAT Café
Jaime Young, 2010 Winner of the Country Stew Cook-Off
Lisa Shishido
Nicole and David Higa
Denise Blas-Phillips
Teresa Fujimoto
Edmund Kellet
Lyn Salamanca
Gene Neal
Kaliko Martinez
Chris Clark
Dr. Claude Tamura
Jayson Tsukayama
Susan Sorensen
Sharon Wong
Fay Utsugi
Darrell Young Mick and Karleen Keaney
Doug Phillips Jim and Susan Utsugi
Carson Young
Dillon Keaney
Richard Shiroma
Troy Takano
Manu Nugent
Matthew Choy
Sheena Choy
Greg Hayashi
Glenn and Fay Yamamoto
Tony Valdez
Melissa Henyan
Steve Peich
Lori Sugimoto
Tyson Sugimoto
Madi Sugimoto
Chelsea Shodai
Shannan Yamamoto
Steve and Eva Kishimoto
Sarah Mann
Dee Asuncion
Tina Chorman
Joyce Canute
Julie Katayama
Steve Cummings
Kiele Pennington
Sarah O’Donnell
Caitlyn Lee
Jolene Kiyono
Dan Miyahira
Aaron Miyahira
Todd Toyama
Sean Kim
Jon Fia
Delbert Kamikawa
Sophie Saito
Roni Cayetano
Dean Shishido
Pamela Fonoti
Alysia Marlow
Hinano Atkins
Makalapua Atkins
Shiloh Swanson

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The Winner of the 2011 Country Stew Cook-Off is…

 T-REX Chige by Teresa Fujimoto

Teresa Fujimoto, 2011 Country Stew Cook-off Winner!! She dazzled the judges with her ‘hangover’ stew called T-Rex Chige. In second place, Jayson Tsukayama, with his Hamburger Stew. And in third, Denise Blas Phillips, with her Pastele Stew Local Style.

There were 15 entries this year and all stood up to the challenge. Aunty Fay’s Local Style Beef Stew was the solid beef stew entry. But there were a lot of creative recipes like Jawaiian Stew, Kabocha Pumpkin Stew with Nametake Musubi, and Vietnamese Osso Bucco Stew with Tagliatelle. WOW! Thank you to all who entered and weathered through the rain!! If you are interested in entering next year, look for details in the month of September 2012.

T-Rex Chige

2 lb pork belly
2 tbsp butter
1/2 cup flour
1 lb kimchee -any supermarket brand
1 cup water
2 14.5 oz. cans of chicken broth
1 tsp red chili pepper flakes
2 tbsp kimchee base
1 heaping tbsp of Kochujang (Korean red chili pepper paste)
1 onion
3 stalks of green onion
1 block firm tofu
1/2 lb clams
8 oz. crab meat

1. Cut pork into bite size pieces and brown. Remove pork from pot when done but leave the pork fat for the roux
2. Add butter to the pork fat then stir in flour until it thickens
3. Rough chop the kimchee and add to the pot along with water, chicken broth, red chili pepper flakes, kimchee base, and Kochujang sauce.
4. Slice onion and green onions and add to the pot.
5. Bring to boil then reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes or until pork is tender
6. Cut tofu into 1 inch cubles and add to pot
7. Add clams and crab meat (save some for garnish) then continue to simmer until clams open
8. All Pau!! Serve with rice.

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October 23: Party at the Plaza

It’s our 2nd Annual Party at the Plaza, a benefit for TACA: Talk About Curing Autism!  Paradise Optical, SWAM, and TACA are teaming up once again with great sponsors: Oakley, Aiea Bowl, Office Depot, Central Pacific Bank, Roy Sakuma Ukelele Studio, Hinode, Loveland Academy, Rotary Club of Pearlridge, and Waimalu Plaza.  Last year’s guest judge,  Glenn Uyeda from Aiea Bowl, a chili cook-off contest winner as well, is donating stew bowls!! The Alley’s Country Stew Bowl Tickets are pre-sale and will sell out! $5 a ticket all proceeds go to TACA! Tickets are available at SWAM, Paradise Optical, and Aiea Bowl.  Stew pick up is on the day of the Party at the Plaza! See you there!!!

Date: Sunday, October 23
Time: 11am – 3pm
Place: Diamond Head side of the Waimalu Plaza Parking Lot
Cost: FREE!!
The Alley’s Country Stew Bowl Tickets: $5
Available: at SWAM, Paradise Optical, Aiea Bowl

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September 21: Smokin Swings

Smokin’ Swings is back this year with a co-sponsor, Prudential Life Insurance.  Did you know that there is a special rate for life insurance especially for cigar smokers?  Daniel Bonilla from Prudential will be here to answer your questions.  If you love to golf, check out Neal Takara from Titleist. He will be here with Titleist products to demo.

The cigars featured will be Pedro Martin, Gran Habano, and Pinar del Rio.  Gran Habano and Pinar del Rio are one of Mark’s favorites from the IPCPR Trade Show.  Pedro Martin, founded by Maria Martin who was once the regional sales rep for Camacho, is the up and coming cigar winning accolades from Cigar Aficianado.

This is also a non-alcoholic event.  We are proud that we can have events without serving alcohol.  We hope you appreciate them as well.

Date:  Wednesday, September 21
Time: 5pm onward
Place: Pearl Country Club Driving Range
Cost: $20 presale
Tickets available at SWAM

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2011 Country Stew Cook-Off Call for Entries

It’s our Second Annual Country Stew Cook-Off !  From a grass roots idea, SWAM wanted to find the best home made stew on the island.   We all have a family secret recipe that will revival any professional chef.  There are many food challenges like chili and barbecue cook-offs but stew is Hawaii’s regional cuisine.

Last year, the timing to have a cook-off could not be better.  My neighbor Paradise Optical wanted to throw a party to help drive business to our stores.  The idea snowballed from just a party to helping out another friend who is involved in an organization called TACA, Talk About Curing Autism.  Lee Choy from Paradise Optical, Debbie Zimmerman from TACA, and I got together and brainstormed.  In three months, we were able to organize ‘The Party at the Plaza‘ highlighting the ‘Country Stew Cook-Off’ with all proceeds benefiting TACA.

Once again, we are calling for entries, amateurs only, to bring your stew to challenge.  Keep in mind, stew can be anything that is cooked in liquid.  Curry and chili are considered stews.  Creativity is key! Last year, Jaime Young, won the title ‘Best Country Stew’ with her Hawaiian Style Stew.


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September 1: Ha Wine & Music Experience



Working with the Ha Wine & Music Experience, September 1 at The Venue taste the Hello Kitty Sweet Pink sparkling wine and listen to the sound of  Dragon Chase, a jazz/hiphop fusion band.  Save your ticket and get 10% off your next visit to SWAM.

Date:  Thursday, September 1
Time: 5pm – 10pm
Place: The Venue
Cost: $20 Advance/$25 at the Door
Get your tickets at SWAM in the Waimalu Plaza

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Pacific Northwest Wine Dinner at EAT


Once again SWAM teams up our favorite wine venue, EAT Cafe, in the Gentry Pacific Design Center.  Sky Cameron from Chambers and Chambers selected wines from Pacific Northwest favorites, Bergstrom Winery, Long Shadows Wineries, and Charles Smith Winery.  All producers are different in style, history, and direction.  We are excited to pair courses and dishes with the wineries personality.  Please inquiry about reserving your seats at SWAM by email, phone, or drop by the store.  Seating is limited.  It’s always a good time!

Date:  Friday, August 19
Time: 6pm onward
Place: EAT at Gentry Pacific Design Center
Cost: $55 inclusive, please prepay at SWAM
RSVP by August 15
SWAM store: 487-7926



Highlights from the Dinner:
We never sold so much chardonnay from a wine dinner ever. The pairing with the Island Fish Escabeche with Bergstrom Old Stones Chardonnay ’09 was the crowd favorite. The chardonnay also paired well with vegetarian alternative, Avocado Escabeche. The crowd was extremely pleased with the Long Shadows Pedestal ’07 which showed well with the Island Pork Ragout. For the finale, Chef David’s version of an open faced bacon burger was a great match for Charles Smith’s K Vintners Roma ’08, which is completely sold out at the winery and our distributor, Chambers and Chambers.

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