2011 Country Stew Cook-Off Call for Entries

It’s our Second Annual Country Stew Cook-Off !  From a grass roots idea, SWAM wanted to find the best home made stew on the island.   We all have a family secret recipe that will revival any professional chef.  There are many food challenges like chili and barbecue cook-offs but stew is Hawaii’s regional cuisine.

Last year, the timing to have a cook-off could not be better.  My neighbor Paradise Optical wanted to throw a party to help drive business to our stores.  The idea snowballed from just a party to helping out another friend who is involved in an organization called TACA, Talk About Curing Autism.  Lee Choy from Paradise Optical, Debbie Zimmerman from TACA, and I got together and brainstormed.  In three months, we were able to organize ‘The Party at the Plaza‘ highlighting the ‘Country Stew Cook-Off’ with all proceeds benefiting TACA.

Once again, we are calling for entries, amateurs only, to bring your stew to challenge.  Keep in mind, stew can be anything that is cooked in liquid.  Curry and chili are considered stews.  Creativity is key! Last year, Jaime Young, won the title ‘Best Country Stew’ with her Hawaiian Style Stew.


Category : Past Events Posted on September 1, 2011

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