2011 IPCPR (International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailer Association) Recap

This month we got the opportunity to spend time with a bunch of our cigar suppliers up at the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas.  We made commitments to the newest and most sought after sticks out there. Our recap on the brands soon to arrive: Pinar del Rio, Viaje, Tatuaje, SAG and the Miami Cigar Co.

Pinar del Rio.  We first met Abe Flores co-founder of PDR back in 2009 at the IPCPR in New Orleans.  We were very enthusiastic about the brand but unfortunately our humidor was too small and did not have the space.  Today the humidor space is not a problem, so over the past months we secured the Liga Especial, only offered at the trade show, a 6 x 54 ($9.99 per stick), 1878 Reserva Dominicana Oscura in both the Corona ($5.99) and the Lancero ($7.99) and the 1878 Cubano Especial Maduro in both Robusto ($5.99) and Torpedo ($6.99).  Abe is a good guy that supports the industry and it shows in both the flavor of his cigars and competitive pricing.  Think about reserving a couple of these sticks because it will go like hotcakes!

Viaje.  Andre Farkas, the president of Viaje (journey) Cigars, hails from the City of Angels and came to the show with his guns – well BOMBS- a blazin’!  We ordered the Oro in both Robusto size ($9.99) and the Torpedo ($12.99).  We first smoked the vitolas back in 2009 and they were damn good.  Viaje branched off with a series of Limited Edition cigars that were named after military munitions: “MOAB” (Mother of all Bombs), “WMD” (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the “Daisy Cutter”.  These were all full bodied cigars that had great depth of flavor.  We also ordered two new lines of his Skull and Bones Limited Edition called “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”.  We haven’t gotten word if we will get these in for sure but we are crossing our fingers.

Tatuaje.   We met Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars through Bernie Leong of The Havana Club Honolulu while participating in the No Joke Smoke event.  Pete has been a regular guest at the No Joke Smoke for the past three years.  Today, Tatuaje is one of the fastest growing and HOTTEST brands in America!  With his standard line being the most “Cubanesque” of any cigars outside of Cuba, he is the originator of the modern Bad boy cigars.  The first thing you notice about Pete is the amount of tats on him, hence the cigar company “Tatuaje” or tattoo in Cuban.  His Limited Edition cigars sell out within hours (not days or weeks or months) and they always deliver with flavor and intensity!  We are getting in the Black Label Petit Lancero ($10.99) and the new La Casita Criolla which is all broadleaf in the filler, binder, and wrapper.  The corona will go for $7.99 and the corona gorda for $8.99.

SAG or Fonseca.  Manuel Quesada is the owner but, his nephew, Terence Reilly, is in charge of the US operation.  We met Terence while visiting Hawaii last year.  He says that he is also the head janitor, painter, office clerk and everything else that Uncle tells him to do.  We understand all too well about family operations. Casa Magna, which was the Cigar of the Year in 2008, came out with a line extension called “Domus Magnus” smooth and full.  We are getting in the “Optimus” size or 5 ½ x 52 box pressed.  This one will go for $8.99 and will sell out fast!

Miami Cigar Co.  Nestor Miranda heads the operation. Recently we brought in the “Para Japon” cigar that supported the relief efforts in Japan, a not so typical contribution.  Our contact is Nilo Perez who we met at the tradeshow.  Nilo is a very outgoing guy and a wealth of knowledge.  Because of Nilo, we are bringing in the “La Serena” line of cigars in both the corona ($8.99) and belicoso ($10.99).  You can’t miss these cigars because of their humangus bands!  They look uber-lux cool. La Serena cigars are made by Don Pepin Garcia and uses broadleaf wrappers which gives it a fuller bodied smoke.  We are also are bringing in the Nestor Miranda Art Deco “Coffee Break” a full flavored cigar that measures 4.5 x 50.

Later in the year, look for EP Carillo, Padron Family Cigar, Grand Habano, the new Liga Privada Under Crown and Hoya de Nicaragua’s “My Uzi Weighs a Ton. “  We can’t wait for our new stuff to arrive! ~For now all smoked out

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