Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

The NEW Alec Bradley “American Classic Blend”

This is our first foray into the world of cigar Blogs! Being that this is new for us we will be reviewing a new cigar! To give you a little background on the cigar, Alec Bradley – Alec and Bradley is actually the name of Alan Ruben’s two sons. Alan Ruben started out during the 1990s cigar boom with the love of tobacco. 15 years later his company has grown to become one of the premiere cigar producers in the world. Alec Bradley also produces some other great cigars under the AB name such as the Vice, Maxx, Prensado, SCR (Select Cabinet Reserve), Tempus and the Family Blend – named after the founders Alan Ruben (President), Ralph Montero (Vice President), and George Sosa (National Sales Director). On May 20th, we hosted “The Armed Forces Day Smoker” at O’toole’s Irish Pub in conjunction with our friend Danny Bonilla of Prudential Life Insurance. Life insurance sponsoring a smoker? Well we will save that for another blog. It was $20 per person limited to the first 30 people and it sold out in a week. We tasted all-American Bourbons from Jim Beam, Knob Creek and Basil Hayden and featured the American Classic Blend Cigar. Patrons of the smoker were ask to donate some sticks to our military boys overseas by way of BOTL (Brothers of the Leaf). The care package was sent out and we hope it finds its way.

Now on to the review by Mark Miyahira…

This cigar is made in the Placencia factory that produces some of the most sought after cigars in the industry including J Fuego, Gurka, Padilla, Rocky Patel and Casa Magna.

The size that I am reviewing is the Toro (6 x 50). The Robusto (5 x 50) is also available at SWAM.

Filler: Nicaragua – Esteli & Condega
Binder: Nicaragua – Jalapa
Wrapper: Honduras (Connecticut Shade)

Looking at the construction of this stick, it does sport a lighter shade of wrapper with very light veins giving it a smoother, higher quality look. The outer wrapper has a clean leather look and a double cap finish. On the first cut by my Xikar multi-tool scissors, the aromas before lighting are of earth and nuts with a touch of mint or menthol. The first light gives more nuttiness but the smoke is a creamy light feel. It starts up and I do get a savoryness (umami) with ‘kaki-mochi and arare’ (seasoned rice craker) flavor! Kind of strange to get that in a cigar but it’s not a bad taste at all! The draw is excellent with lots of smoke leading me to believe the construction is top quality. The body on the cigar through the first half is on the lighter side but the flavors are complex with a mix of nuts, earth, and grains and just a hint of cedar and spice on the finish. On the second half, the cigar builds up a little strength coming into the medium spectrum with more of those flavors coming across. The burn throughout the cigar is even without having to re-light or touch up any of the cigar. Total smoking time for the 6 incher is about 1 hour and 15 minutes (I smoke fast). Which brings me to conclude…

This is a great smoke for those of you looking for a lighter summer afternoon smoke that reminds me of a light to medium bodied Chardonnay (being from the wine industry) that is priced well below what it tastes like, for example, a Clos du Bois Chardonnay which is normally $10 a bottle and selling for $4.99 a bottle! I really believe that this is a great cigar for the price! We are selling them at $4.99 a stick! You can also purchase by the box of 20 at 20% off! We also carry the Tempus Terra Novo (5 x 50) that got a 93pt score and the Family Blend T11 Torpedo that scored 94pt. Heading out to a barbeque? Bring some kaki-mochi and an Alec Bradley American Classic Blend!

Category : Cigars &Reviews Posted on June 12, 2011

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  1. Hawaiihughes
    7 years ago

    Aloha Mark, great review. Just purchased a box and am more excited after reading your take on them. Looking forward to more reviews in the future. Love the local references that you won’t find on the other blogs. Mahalo

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