Small Scale Black Lager Tasting

Black lagers are filling the market as quickly as Honey Bourbon.  Few of the SWAM buddies got together and chipped in to do a black lager tasting.  Guinness Black Lager recently launched their new addition to the Guinness family and we wanted to compare all the black lagers that we currently have for sale.  We posted the pictured of the line-up on the SWAM Facebook Fan  Page and we got a few responses as well as patrons on the following day asking about what our thoughts.  The line-up consisted of and it’s in the order of best to worst..

Sam Adams Black Lager:  Clearly the winner by far.  The dark roast flavor had depth and body but not to heavy like an ale.  The rich creaminess of the lager goes down very smooth and without the bitter stickiness.

Baltika #4 Original Black Euro Lager:  This was a toss up between being no. 2 and no. 3, I gave it the second best because there was hint of malt candy like Whoppers.  It was brighter in flavor than the Sam Adams and not as toasty.

Asahi Kuronama Black Ale:  Okay there’s an ale in this tasting but Japanese ales taste more like lagers.  Does it qualify?  Obiviously the Kuronama did not have the body and flavor to hold up to a black ale.  This beer is for people who want to enjoy a dark beer on a hot summer day.

Guinness Black Lager:  I did not like this beer at all.  With all the hype, I had big expectations for Guinness’ new edition, but it fell very short.  The beer was thin, flavorless and too light ~ an almost black lager.   Better off drinking the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, now that’s a winner.

Category : Beers &Reviews Posted on September 24, 2011

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