Hijos de Villa Tequilas and Mocambo Anejo Rum

I try not to ruffle any feathers but some may question my ‘obsession’ with bottle shapes especially in the shape of firearms.  I personally don’t own a registered firearm or a paintball gun because some might agree that it might not be a good idea if I did.  Unfortunately, I have not tried the Just Arrived tequila from Hijos de Villa nor the Mocambo Anejo rum prior to posting like other ‘experienced’ bloggers would.  My apologies for my hastiness, but pictures are worth more than my opinion.

Not only do Hijos de Villa make tequila in ‘cool’ bottles but they’re the first distillery in Mexico to have a pear tequila liqueur with a pear in the bottle like the european ‘poire williams’ brandy.

Also pictured are the AK-T Tequilas not from the Hijos de Villa distillery, but I just had to feature them as well.  One great thing about having a gun shaped bottle is posing with it!

Wait is this a shameless promo for next year’s Dirty Guns Event, March 2012? Paintball, Drew Estate Cigars, and Tequila in Guns!!  And Drew Estate if you’re reading…Liga Privadas baby!!!

Tequila or any other spirit in an unconventional bottle is just for show. But so what!! Are we always suppose to be straight-laced?? <CAUTION> These photos are not meant to portray SWAM as ‘gangsta.’  We are just easy-going, fun-loving people with a good sense of humor.  But don’t mess with asian girl with the lei….



Category : Spirits Posted on May 11, 2011

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