Bulleit Rye

We were fortunate to squeeze in a visit from Master of Whisky, Tom Turner, and taste the Bulleit Rye last week.  By the way, rye whiskies are making a nice comeback into the market, hooray!  Back in 2004, Tom Bulleit started developing the Bulleit Rye. With requests from the trade, it became a priority to move the project into production.  The Bulleit Rye is 95% rye and 5% malted barley and aged between 4 and 7 years.  Turner explained that the 5% malted barley is used to enzymatically breakdown the unmalted rye seed.  Thus producing a touch of sweetness to the spicy rye. Delicious!! 

On a side note, Turner pointed out that whiskies in the 1980’s declined in consumption.  Distilleries shutdown and production was reduced.  Like many trends, they fall out of fashion and then years later there’s a revival.  Whiskies, beers (aka craft beer), gins, and cigars are making a fashionable comeback with new packaging and higher price tags.  Certain distilleries that are considered the main component in popular blended whiskies are playing catch up in their single malts. Many 10 year whiskies are being held back to become a 12 year just to keep up with the supply.  Yes, whiskey does need time to age so for the vodka folk, keep your comments to yourself, thank you.  Not only has the demand drove prices up for an aged product but what about the raw materials??  Grain and fuel prices have only gone up due to the wrath of mother nature and the nature of politics.  With rollercoaster economic trends, how long will this ride last?  Hopefully for my sake, longer than my lease…

Back to the Bulleit Rye, currently we are sold out.  In Hawaii, the 750 ml will arrive in late June.

Category : Spirits Posted on May 27, 2011

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